How do I make a payment to Errand Runners for services?
We offer our customers a variety of payment options. We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

How much notice do you require for your services?
Generally two business days is acceptable, although I can try to accommodate same-day service. Errand Runners is based in Carmichael, but serves the Sacramento Metro area. 15 miles of travel is factored into each hour of service. Each mile after the first 15 will incur a 50-cent a mile fee, in addition to the flat rate of service.

What are your hours?
As most of the errands we do involve working within typical “business” hours, we hold those same hours in our business. Our Errand Runners work Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. However, due to the unique nature of some of our services we are also flexible to accommodate unusual morning/evening/weekend hours.

How do I request one of your services?
Call Errand Runners at (916) 832-5846 OR Just fill out our online request form here!

When you fill out a request, you can expect our professional staff to give you a prompt reply and quote within 24 hours.

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